New Year's Light

NYPost 12-20-18

NYPost 12-20-18

Big Moon and More Sun Time

Friday, December 22, marks earth’s Winter Solstice. It always gives me a lift, since from then on, we get more light as the days get longer. It’s also the longest night and this year it’s quite special with both full moon and a meteor shower. All in all, a good reminder to be grateful for our sun, that source of heat and light which supports us all.

Less Shopping Time

For those giving gifts this holiday season, it’s time to get creative. With my eye on the climate change data, I’ve checked out a few online hints to reduce my energy use each year. Here’s some last-minute ideas.

1.    Experiences instead of stuff

Consider food as an experience and share some. Give coupons that are redeemable for chores that particular person would happily hand over to you. Tickets to a show.

2. Stuff: Tools and Toys

If you’re giving “stuff”, tilt it toward those gadgets that use less energy. Consider those with smaller greenhouse clouds during production and with a physically smaller footprint on a counter and in the landfill. Oh, and don’t forget to consider the shipping issues by land, sea, and air that get them to you and yours.

3. Make it yourself


You know the people who will appreciate the hand-made touch in simple to make momentos. Even if you’re not experienced, a chance to personalize the gift makes it special.


4. Donate, donate, donate

When you are right down to the wire, check out your favorite causes online. Adopting a whale is one of my favorites. Those fighting to conserve our environment are having the equivalent of a sale with donations being tripled through December 31st (NRDC - Natural Resources Defense Council).

New Year’s Wiser Energy

Just as I was about to post this blog, our whole island lost power for the day and most of that long night. Pretty much everything ground to a halt, a great wake up to how our lives intertwine with our dependence on non-renewable energy. Now back in the warmth and light I send best New Year’s Wishes to all and our combined efforts for wise energy. To add your New Year’s thoughts, type in below and then click "Comment as Guest".
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