Seven Seas Prayer Flags
               A limited edition of 50 sets



Seven Seas Prayer Flags

These prayer flags are made in the style of the Tibetan Buddhists. Their tradition is to hang the flags outside where Nature’s wind and weather can carry the intentions of the prayers far and wide.

More Details

Hung outside or inside, the seven flags can remind you of each sea named on the front, and an image of a whale that swims there named on the reverse. The text is a prayer for the whales by Jim Friedrich.

Blessing of the Whales

Brother leviathan, sister whale, dwellers of the deep,
We greet you in the name of the human people
Who share this planet with you.
We stand in awe of your powerful beauty,
We take delight in you liquid dance,
We rejoice that another spring has brought you
to grace our coastal waters.
May the Creator, whose breath causes all things to be
Keep you on your journey home,
Sustain you through the summers and winters to come,
And make your very existence a song
of praise and wonder . . .

How the Flags are Made by Hand

In the tradition of printmaking, each set in the limited edition of 50 is signed and numbered. Original images are on sueded rayon, hand-dyed with a low-water immersion process; leftover dye is disposed of responsibly. They are  then giclée printed, one set at a time by the artist. 

Each flagset is numbered and signed with an accompanying Certificate of Authenticity.

Hanging and Care

Wherever you hang prayer flags, ongoing fading and raveling of edges is traditional. Unlike most art, which should not be in bright light, the flags look well inside a window that catches the sun. Additional cord is provided to adjust to your setting. Should they get soiled, they can be washed on a delicate setting or by hand and they may be ironed on high and with steam.

Prayer Flags in Your Life

Thanks to your support, a portion of the flags’ purchase price goes to Orcanet which educates us all about whales of the Northwest, including weekly online whalewatching ( In addition, my hope is that as you live with the flags, you’ll reflect on how your daily choices in energy and water use support the health of our seven seas and their whales.   

Contact me to order a set for yourself or for a gift.