Thanksgiving for a New Climate Handsign and the Old Age of Granny


They’re calling it the new peace sign. A group of U. S. students from mostly west coast colleges have created a Climate Handsign. They seem to have done their homework well, consulting widely with others.

To my visual brain, it intuitively says “one earth” with the index finger signally one and the thumb and other fingers drawing a circle for our global planet.

The climate sign represents unity and positivity for climate action. When we raise the climate sign, we recognize climate change as an opportunity for global collaboration, creativity, and innovation.

If you need verbal instructions, they are:

1. Point your index finger upward towards our one shared future. 
2. Curve your remaining fingers to unite with your thumb, forming a circular Earth. 
3. Raise the climate sign with enthusiasm, uniting with the globe for climate action. 

The site shows mostly young people and you can see how they can spread the sign widely through selfies, cell phones, and social media. I thought it would be good to let those of us who don’t have many college students in their lives keep up with how this age group is inspiring climate actions.

Granny’s Age is 104!

My apologies to readers of my last post about Granny. In trying to reduce all I had to say to a bitesize blogpost, I inadvertently left out her age. Yes, she is estimated to be 104.

This is, of course, an estimate, one agreed upon by researchers. Since resident Orcas stay lifelong with their mothers (matrilineal pods), Granny’s children and grandchildren could be tracked back for possible birthtimes. From this ‘family tree’ and some photos of Granny from the 1930’s, her probable birth year was 1911.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, both young and old!